Founder/Director/Music Producer

Barrie ‘Baz’ Suamili is the Director and Music Producer at Yellow Tin.

He is of Niuean/Samoan descent. As one of the founding members of the band Tenement Yard and Seva Hi Fi, his unique blends of polynesia, reggae, dub and soul music has inspired him to be one of the leading pioneers in Poly-fusion music.

Listen to his latest album, Seva Hi Fi’s – Cosmic Matakau

Our Mission

We make music because we love it. It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us pumped till late at night (even into the wee hours). We spend crazy hours perfecting our craft but it’s never a chore for us. It’s the dream job.

Our other passion is producing with people. Meeting new people and collaborating with creatives who are passionate about their field of play is just as rewarding.

Now you can have professional sounding audio tracks at a fraction of the usual cost. At Yellow Tin, we’re focussed on making customised audio a reality for our clients. Drawing on its harmonious blend of music experience, technique and audio technology, Yellow Tin aims to create music that moves people; unique and engaging sound tracks that inspire and stir the soul.

After something that sounds a little special?  Yellow Tin can tailor something just right for you. 

Our Difference

Tailoring to suit your requirements. Leader in fresh original music offering specialty niche sounds for various ethnic music, particularly in pacific island beats and polynesian music.
This will be achieved by continually expanding our unique sound library, understanding our clients and working together with them to establish specific needs.